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Launching June 20th, 12 PM ET


A Soul Care Community
Hosted by Erica Hooper

Nurse Yourself is a coming home for nurses to a regular practice of soul care. Soul Care takes one beyond self-care, going deeper, focusing on nourishing the innermost aspects of one’s being. It involves activities and practices that connect you with your core values, purpose, and sense of meaning. Soul Care is about tending to the spiritual and existential dimensions of life.

The primary aim of Soul Care is to nurture a deep sense of peace, of fulfillment. It is about aligning your life with your deeper values and purpose, fostering a sense of wholeness and authenticity. It is through attending to our deeper values and purpose that we can replenish and fill up our own cup. This not only gives us the energy to invest in basic self-care, but it also shifts our caregiving of others from a place of depletion to a place of abundance.

By joining the Nurse Yourself community and events, you will be invited to invest in yourself, nurture and love yourself, surrounded by others on the same path. You will experience the abundance of energy and joy that comes from giving time to the wonder and uniqueness of who you are. Stay tuned for event and community details.

About our Nurse Yourself Host ~ Erica Hooper, DNP, RN, CNS, CNL, PHN

Erica Hooper has a personal mission in life to be of service for the healing and transformation of others for the greatest good of all. Her love for holistic healing is evident as she is a certified HeartMath trainer, massage practitioner, reiki master, life and spiritual coach, vinyasa yoga teacher, healing circle facilitator, and certified personal trainer. Erica uses the power of the heart to intuitively guide people toward their own truth, growth, and healing. She is dedicated to helping nurses to nurse themselves to have thriving careers in healthcare and fulfilling lives.

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Completed - Recording Comming Soon

A Conversation with David Weill, MD

Calling for Change to Instill Humanity Back into Healthcare

Dr. David Weill, previously Director of the Heart-Lung Transplant Program at Stanford University Medical Center, is on a mission to shed light on the things that need to change in healthcare and champion the priority of humanity over profits. Joining us on The Nursing Way, he will share insights and talk about the freedom that, as a novel, his new book All That Really Matters has afforded him in exposing some hard truths.

Bio (in his own words)

It has been my privilege and passion to work in the life-changing practice of organ transplantation. During my exciting career, including 11 years as Director of the Lung and Heart-Lung Transplant Program and founder of the Center for Advanced Lung Disease at Stanford University Medical Center, I saw first-hand the amazing and challenging aspects of transplantation and its effects on patients and transplant team members. Today, I help patients, patient’s families, and transplant teams navigate their transplantation journey to reach optimal outcomes. I am an author and a consultant to leading transplant programs and in occupational lung disease. Through these roles I’ve discovered the power of sharing my experience with others through writing and speaking. Today, I’m using that experience to reach out, inform and encourage all who are affected by organ transplantation.

Professional Summary

  • Former Director of the Lung and Heart-Lung Transplant Program at Stanford and the founder and Director of the Stanford Center for Advanced Lung Disease
  • Consultant to leading transplant programs throughout the U.S.
  • Editor of International Society of Health and Lung Transplantation LINKS newsletter
  • Director and Professor level leadership roles at Stanford, the University of Colorado, and the University of Alabama - Birmingham
  • Recipient of many major research grants in lung disease and solid organ transplantation
    Major committee and service responsibilities across the transplantation spectrum
  • Published over 45 peer-reviewed journals and co-author of healthcare publications and textbooks

Dr. Weill’s writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Salon, Newsweek, the Chicago Tribune, STAT, USA Today, and the Washington Post. He also has been interviewed on CNN and by the New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Wall Street Journal.

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Completed - Recording Posted 

Celebrating the Global Impact of Nurses with Dr. Jean Watson

Join us as we kick-off Nurses Week in conversation with Dr. Jean Watson about the impact Nurses are having in caring, healing, and peace across the globe. Hosted by Dr. Mary Rockwood Lane, we will be honoring the gift of self in service to humanity.

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Additional Upcoming Live Events! 
  • 6/4, 4 PM ET - Nurse's Perspectives on Global Citizenship & Healing with Barbara Dossey and Deva-Marie Beck 
  • 6/20, 4 PM ET - Nurse Yourself with Erica Hooper
  • 6/26, 4 PM ET - June Grief Circle
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Monthly Circle - Loss and Grief in Nursing

Our Nursing Community has come together to create space for supporting each other as we traverse the loss, grief and sorrows we face in our work of caring for others. Open to all, and please know we will continue to find ways to make this more available to various schedules and commitments.  

4th Wednesday of each month

Wednesday, June 26th - 4 PM  ET

1 Hour Event

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Nurses as Healers & Story Tellers

Returning to healing, returning to the well; an invitation to think about how we keep well-being relevant in settings that may not be the most conducive for healing.  We will look at storytelling as a way to engage in health for all of us. 

Tim Cunningham, RN, DrPH, MSN, FAAN, Co-Chief Well-Being Officer, Woodruff Health Sciences, Emory University and Board President Clowns Without Boarders 

Completed - Recording Posted
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