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Upcoming Live Events

Live events give you the opportunity to listen and interact with speakers on a variety of topics.  Always recorded and posted to fit all schedules. Links to Live Events are sent in the days leading up to the event to all registered users.

Monday, April 15th, 2 EDT (2 hours)  <<-- NEW DATE

A Poetry Workshop with Paulina Van

During this session participants will be guided to explore the intersection of healing, poetry, and the Caritas Coach Education Program (CCEP). Dr. Van will share her personal narrative of transformation and self-discovery. As a CCEP student, she found solace and expression in writing poetry. It became her compass through the complex landscape of healing. She will read poems born from this period of introspection, transformation, and growth. Each poem is a beacon, illuminating the path from vulnerability to empowerment, woven with the threads of Dr. Jean Watson's Caritas Science principles. This session is more than a sharing; it's an invitation. You will be guided to tap into your reservoirs of experience and emotion, transforming them into your own esthetic and lyrical written expressions. Regardless of your esthetic writing experience, this session is designed to foster a supportive atmosphere for you to explore and express your innermost thoughts and feelings.

By the end of this session, you will:

  • Gain insights into how poetry can be a powerful healing and reflection tool.
  • Be inspired by the facilitator's journey and how the CCEP catalyzed her poetic expression.
  • Engage in guided exercises to initiate your own written creations, drawing from personal experiences, reflections, and inner dialogue.
  • Have crafted a piece of writing that captures your journey and resonates with the collective human experience of seeking and finding healing.


Paulina Van, PhD, RN, CNE is an immigrant from Central America and a descendant of generations of healers. She earned a BSN from the University of San Francisco and graduate degrees (MS and Ph.D.) from the University of California, San Francisco. She is a Full Professor and researcher at Samuel Merritt University, College of Nursing in Oakland, California. Dr. Van is an international speaker recognized for her coping, healing, and stress management work. She holds related certifications as a Reiki Master, HeartMath® Certified Trainer, Healing Circles Leader, and a Caritas® Coach. Dr. Van's scientific publications address perinatal grief, healing, coping, and reflective practices' impact on student learning. Her first book, "Regala Healing®," was released in September 2021. It is a poetic, sacred work that immerged during her commitment to increasing self-care, self-love, and self-compassion in her life. She hosts a live, biweekly program on The topics focus on meditation, mindfulness, and healing prose from her book, "Regala Healing." 

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Additional Upcoming Live Events! 
  • 4/15, 2 PM EDT - Poetry Workshop with Paulina Van
  • 4/24, 4 PM EDT - April Grief Circle 
  • 4/30, 1 PM EDT - Creating Caritas in Latin America with Hector Rosso
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Monthly Circle - Loss and Grief in Nursing

Our Nursing Community has come together to create space for supporting each other as we traverse the loss, grief and sorrows we face in our work of caring for others. Open to all, and please know we will continue to find ways to make this more available to various schedules and commitments.  

4th Wednesday of each month

Wednesday, 4/24 - 1 PM PST / 4 PM EST 

1 Hour Event

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Nurses as Healers & Story Tellers

Returning to healing, returning to the well; an invitation to think about how we keep well-being relevant in settings that may not be the most conducive for healing.  We will look at storytelling as a way to engage in health for all of us. 

Tim Cunningham, RN, DrPH, MSN, FAAN, Co-Chief Well-Being Officer, Woodruff Health Sciences, Emory University and Board President Clowns Without Boarders 

Completed - Recording Posted
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