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Live events give you the opportunity to listen and interact with speakers on a variety of topics.  Alawys recorded and posted to fit all schedules. Links to Live Events are sent in the days leading up to the event to all registered users.

Healing with Artist Expression
40 CNE Contact Hours
Feb 26th - Apr 22nd  (9 Classes)
Cost: $333.00

Mary Rockwood Lane, RN, PhD, FAAN, Caritas Coach®

Join this amazing 9-week course that explores creativity as a way to heal self and others. There is no art experience necessary, we will help you find the artist in you.  During these 9 weeks, we will unlock the inner resources that are already deep within you.

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 February 27th, 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET
Awakening through Caritas Consciousness

Cheryl HandyMS, RN, NEC-BC, HMCT, Caritas Coach®, HeartMath Certified Trainer

To live is to experience pain and suffering and I am deeply grateful for the enlightenment through Unitary Caring Science and Caritas Consciousness that opened space for me to experience a deeper level of wisdom and being. I would like to talk about awakening through Caritas Consciousness that takes you through a higher dimension of human consciousness through cultivating the ontological micro-practices of gratitude, forgiveness, surrendering, and compassion. (Dr. Watson addresses these ontological micro-practices in her book, Caring Science as Sacred Science).


Cheryl T. Handy became the Atlanta VA Healthcare System's first Caritas Coach and the first Caritas Coach in the state of Georgia in October 2010. Cheryl began her career with the VA system in 1983 and retired from the Atlanta VA Healthcare System in 2023 after 40 years of amazing compassionate care and services provided for our nation’s veteran heroes. Cheryl’s passion remains in enlightening others about Caring Science while radiating a Caritas Consciousness, and walking alongside others as they evolve in Caritas Consciousness. She is a Watson Caring Science Institute Faculty with the Caritas Coach Education Program and a board member with Watson Caring Science Institute. Cheryl remains honored and humbled to be a part of a collective community whose mission is to contribute to elevating the consciousness of Nursing, healthcare, and all of humanity through compassion, caring, and lovingkindness.


March 19th, 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET
The Alchemy of Love: Transforming Suffering into Blessings

Grissel Hernandez, PhD, MPH, RN, HNB-BC, NPD-BC, SGAHN, Caritas Coach®, Executive Director Stanford Healthcare

Using aesthetic ways of knowing to examine my lived experience as a Latina nurse leader embodying Watson Unitary Caring Science.

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Monthly Circle - Loss and Grief in Nursing

Our Nursing Community has come together to create space for supporting each other as we traverse the loss, grief and sorrows we face in our work of caring for others. Open to all, and please know we will continue to find ways to make this more available to various schedules and commitments.  

4th Wednesday of each month

Wednesday, 2/28 - 1 PM PST / 4 PM EST 

1 Hour Event

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Poetry - A Perscription for What Ails You

Nurse poet, author, healer and educator Paulina Van will be joining us to talk about the healing power of poetry. She will read poetry and share AI-generated art, using words from her poems.  She will share evidence of the healing and relaxing effects of reading or listening to poetry.

Her book Regala Healing is an authentic exploration of the human condition that has been described as "timeless songs to see again, feel again, to live again” and a "hypnotic and engaging journey of self-acceptance, self-love and self-transcendence”.

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Nurses as Healers & Story Tellers

Returning to healing, returning to the well; an invitation to think about how we keep well-being relevant in settings that may not be the most conducive for healing.  We will look at storytelling as a way to engage in health for all of us. 

Tim Cunningham, RN, DrPH, MSN, FAAN, Co-Chief Well-Being Officer, Woodruff Health Sciences, Emory University and Board President Clowns Without Boarders 

Completed - Recording Available
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