Creative Expression as a Gateway

Sep 22, 2023

Dare to Explore the Beautiful Landscape of Your Imagination

Exploring creativity through different forms of art can play an invaluable role in the lives of Nurses, supporting not only your own well-being but also enhancing your ability to provide compassionate care to patients. We all know that Nursing is a demanding profession. It often asks of us long hours, in high-stress, mentally and emotionally draining situations. Creating art allows you to process the often complex emotions you encounter, whether it's the joy of witnessing a patient's recovery or the heartache of dealing with loss.

Research has shown that activities like painting, drawing, writing, or engaging in any other artistic medium can lower stress and reduce anxiety helping to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue. Art offers a safe space to release emotions, process difficult situations, express feeling, even explore playfulness. On a physical and energetic level, engaging in artistic activities can be a welcome respite from the demanding nature of nursing and the difficulties life can present.

Beyond supporting you in your role as a Nurse, art and creativity offer a means of self-discovery and personal growth. Through the act of creation, you can tap into your inner self, uncovering hidden thoughts, feelings, talents, and passions. This self-awareness can lead to a deeper understanding of your own interests, needs and desires, ultimately contributing to a more balanced and fulfilling life both inside and outside of the workplace.

Now let’s shatter the idea that you are “not an artist” and remove this self-imposed limitation. As Nurse artist Mary Rockwood Lane says, “Every Nurse is an Artist, they just might not know it yet”. Art is not reserved for the elite or naturally talented. It is a beautiful, inclusive world where everyone has a place. Think back to when you were a child and the joy of discovering what you could create with colors, shapes or whatever materials you could find. That is exactly the spirit you can bring back to life. Don’t shy away from being a beginner and remember the famous quote by Bob Ross “There are no mistakes, just happy accidents!”.

The magic of art is a journey, not a destination. It’s not about creating a masterpiece, although you just might…  It’s about the process, the exploration, the adventure of discovering what’s inside of you wanting to be expressed. It’s about something unique to you, something you have to say, something only you can express. It offers a sanctuary, a space where you can find peace and connect with your deeper self.

Creative endeavors are a gateway to self-discovery, self-expression, and personal enrichment. Whether it's painting, sculpting, dancing, writing, a poem, or playing a musical instrument, these creative outlets promote relaxation, renew energy, and cultivate awareness. They provide a means to navigate life’s challenges, find joy and foster a deep connection with one’s self and others.

So go ahead, be fearless, be playful, and set the artist in you free to create!